Silver Workshops:

Below are my silver workshops. Please visit the calendar page to see when I am offering them or contact me for more information.

Valkyrie Chain

5 hours-no prerequisite

This is a chain made of 16 ga. fine silver, fused, forged and woven. It is constructed slightly differently than the usual Roman chain, and makes a bolder statement. We will use butane torches, hammers and a vice with different sized rods to make this lovely archaic bracelet.

Simple Silver Locket

15 hours, not continuous, no prerequisite

In this class we make a simple locket from silver disks and strip with a one leaf hinge. The hinge itself acts as a bail. We will do cutting, soldering, stamping and some tricky small construction, but it is a great piece of jewelry. If we have time, we may even create a little clasp to hold in your secrets.

Roman chain Bracelet: Spring colors

This is a 5 hour workshop, no prerequisite

This bracelet is an introduction to the classical fused loop and loop chains. This particular chain is made of 18 ga. pure fine silver, and features a handmade s-hook, rings and colorful bead drops. This season's colors are saturated pastels, so come with your own bead collection or just make it elegantly simple. Photo courtesy of Ornamentea.

Ring with a bezel

This class is about 6 hours.

This ring uses a clay ornament made by local artist Elaine Ray as a cabochon, but you can bring your own, as long as it fits within a 1 inch circle. We will make a stamped band and bezel, for a bold statement ring. Photo courtesy of Ornamentea.

Cuff bracelet/Steel Tools

This takes about 5 hours, no prerequisite

In this class we will make a steel stamping tool from W-1 tool steel, and then use it to ornament a brass cuff bracelet.In the spirit of teaching a girl to fish, instead of giving her a fish, we will learn to carve annealed steel, and harden and temper it.The bracelet is just a bonus. Photo courtesy of Ornamentea.

Roman Chain with a fused Charm

This is a 6 hour class with no pre-requiste

This bracelet is made with fused links of pure silver, and has a pretty dangle made from a fused and stamped silver disk.This is a good introduction to several fusing techniques. Image courtesy of

Stamped and Fused Charms

These are two three hour classes, no pre-requisite

These classes make pure silver charms by fusing on a bezel-type rim and stamping designs with steel stamps.We may even try the ancient technique of granulation to add to the ornamentation.These disks make great earrings, pendants, bracelet elements, and also serve as a basis for basse taille enamel (see enamel classes). Image courtesy of

Woven Silver Chain: The Box Chain

This is a 5 hour class, no pre-requisite

This chain is made of 18 ga. pure silver wire, and makes a lovely simple statement.It is heavy and elegant, easy to make and looks fabulous with patina. Image courtesy of

Stamped Silver Bracelet

This is a 6 hour class, no pre-requisite

This class solves the problem of what to do with your scrap silver.We will melt the left-over pieces of fine silver wire from your chain-making efforts into ingots, and hammer them into elements to make into this very cool bracelet.Bring earplugs! Image courtesy of

Roman Chain with Stone

This is a five hour class, with no pre-requisite

This is a woven and blackened silver chain with a large central element, that can easily be extended to make a necklace.We will solder the chain into cone ends to give it a solid finished feel.This is a good design for glass artists, and those who make their own focal beads.Image courtesy of

Roman Chain: The Cha-Cha Charm Bracelet

This is a 6 hour workshop, with no prerequisite.

Inthis class, we will fuse fine silver to create a woven chain bracelet  spaced with rings for charm clusters. This isgood introduction to fused link chain, using 20 gauge fine wire to create asupple, slinky piece with lots of action. With this bracelet, you will bedancing to the beat of your own drum. Image courtesy of

Roman Chain: The Black Knight Bracelet

This is a 6 hour workshop, with no prerequisite.

Thishandsome chain is distinguished by a charm and tapered ends, and is blackenedto accentuate the weave.   We will learna fusing technique to create the chain, and soldering to finish it. With thischain design, you can accessorize your night in shining armor. Image courtesy of

Roman Chain: The Tango Bracelet

This is a 6 hour workshop, no pre-requisite.

Thisis a heavy round chain of pure silver, with real presence. It features a largefocal bead and removable charm cluster which gives you the option of simplestyle during the workday or flirty flair in the evening.  The weave is created with fused links, with aforged s-hook.  A polished finish andcolorful accents make it both elegant and playful. Image courtesy of

Roman Chain: The Thai Weave

This is a 6 hour workshop, pre-requisite: any fusing class.

Thisstriking chain is a flat band of sparkling silver.  It requires almost double the number of fusedlinks as the other chains, but is surprisingly easy to weave.  It is closed with a concealed catch and needsno ornament other than yourself. Image courtesy of

Silversmithing: The Chased Ring, Silver version

This is a one day workshop, with no pre-requisite.

This class will demonstrate the basic techniques to create a layered silver band. You will learn tostamp and chase designs with the steel stamps, and size, form and solder silver rings. This will also be an introduction to stamping that can be used to texture many other types of objects. Plus, it's a really cool ring. Image courtesy of

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