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Carolina Designer Craftsmen
Iris Sandkuhler
Sources of Enamel

Enamel Emporium
Ninoya enamels, good online color charts, kilnware, foils

Schlaifer's Enameling Supplies
Gardnerville, NV 89460
Lots of enamel and lampworking supplies, glow-dust, decals
She also can make custom blanksfrom your shape in copper or silver, maybe other metals

Bovano of Cheshire
P.O. Box 250
Cheshire, Connecticut 05410
Emaux Soyer French enamels
Bovano #3 is the only clear for silver engraving, doesn't yellow very easily

Thompson Enamel
650 Colfax Ave.
Bellevue, KY 41073
Good general source of unleaded enamels, kilnware, overglaze and underglaze enamels and lots more.Their technical guys can help with tricky questions

Sources of Fine silver

Rio Grande
6901 Washington NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Nice clean fine silver sheet, best for fusing

Hauser and Miller
10950 LinValle Drive
St. Louis, MO 63123
Very nice and quick source of silver & gold, all shapes and sizes.

Indian Jewelers Supply
Full array of tools and metals. Best prices on silver. Synthetic opal, cheap stamping tools, lots of indian-themed parts. Ignore the website, get the catalogs.

Hoover and Strong
Precious Metals, good selection of odd shapes, do not combine sizes for a qty. discount. Castings and lots of commercial junk.

Sources of Tools

Rio Grande
6901 Washington NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
They have everything.I do not recommend their enamels, though.

Allcraft Tools
666 Pacific St.
Dept. 204
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Good source of tools, eutectic solder, beehive kilns.

Harbor Freight
Capital Blvd. in Raleigh, other retail locations
Chinese tools, scary cheap.

Hwy 70. toward Garner
Acres of farm supply, great cheap ball-piens $1.80, for carving and texturing

Sources of Miscellaneous

Frantz Art Glass
Lampworking supply. Helpful on the phone.
Good source of silver foil and mica lusters, called here 'Pixie Dust"

Small Parts Company
P.O. Box 381736
Miami FL 33138
OHG, tool collectors dream. Build your own robot to make jewelry

Reactive Metals
Anodizing, Rokusho & japanese patinas and mokume. Lots of cool stuff.
Possibly the worst website I have ever seen, but luckily a PDF of their catalog.

Sources of Ferric Nitrate

Stock #KM610

The Science Company
no haz-mat fee, more expensive but less hassle

Carolina Biological Supply
Good price, will not sell to public, but will sell to a business or school, haz-mat fee for shipping, can pick up in Burlington, NC.You can also get luna moths to hatch.

Postcards and Misc. marketing supplies

cheap, cheap, cheap.postcards, fliers, whatever. All color.

Modern Postcard
the old standby, easy online ordering system

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