Puzzle Solution
The Winner
Team Lifepointe finds the Key!
Congratulations!  86 days and ? hours.
 (So this proves that it is possible...)
June 12 clue
Her sceptor is of lilies,
Her crown is in full bloom,
Ask the father of
Her name is
on the moon.
June 9 Clue
The key to the numbers
Upon a field of gold
Is written in a locket
Tiny to behold.

But to understand the secret
There is something that you lack.
You must ride on the big kitty
To discover the right plaque.

June 1 Clue
If you read the rune
And heard the tune
But farther can't expand,
Identify the lady
By what is in her hand.
May 27 Clue
Some cats go in a circle
Some cats go in a square
Look for a sign
That's not my design,
The fine print will lead you there.
May 20 clue
A clue that is engraved
On a piece small and round
Must be applied
For the key to be found.

If you're in a bind
And can't get it right
Look for a sign
It's in black and white.
May 11 clue
If the box is silent
When you find it,
Look on the back,
You'll need to wind it.

May 4 clue
What kind of picture is a puzzle?
What kind of puzzle is a picture?
Seek the answer of this fable
And find a jewel upon a table.

If you find the cat that goes around
It leads you to another.
Use the fine print that you found
To solve the golden cypher.

April 27 clue
If the lady and her poodle
Has no clue conveyed,
Bear down with your noodle and
Ask a boy with a grenade.

April 18 Clue
It is who is seeing
Not who is seen.
She has a name,
What might it mean?

April 12 clue

The changing hue
Leads to a clue
That is what it is
And names a venue.

April 4
The direction is shown
To find the next clue
The man is in the center
The plaque is askew.
March 28
Find the man
And follow the rose
The light at night
 Will show where it goes

March 24
Advice from a maiden
On glass written
Non ascendete
bronze man smitten.

March 20 2012
The Treasure Map
Hi Res image Here
March 20
The Raleigh Treasure Hunt opens at Sunset on the day of the Equinox.
I will be at the Boylan Brewpub on Boylan Avenue at
7:27 pm on Tuesday March 20th.
I will have the current poster for sale ($7), and cards (free) from 7:27pm to 8:30pm.
Ornamentea will have posters and cards when they open at 10am the following day.
Also posters from prior hunts ($13) see here.

March 19
The Prize for the Spring Equinox hunt of 2012
This is a small silver and enamel pendant, very beautiful colors of gold and carnelian.

Welcome to Raleigh Treasure Hunt

How it works: On the Equinox I hide a silver key, and design a poster that gives the first clues to it's location. The poster ($) and a small card (free) will become available at sunset on the equinox. The Spring Equinox 2012 hunt begins on March 20 at 7:27pm.   If you know Raleigh well enough, and solve the puzzle first, I'll give you a prize.   The puzzles can take from 18 hours to three months to solve.  Anyone can play, but if you want to win the jewelry prize, you need to buy a current poster.  If you win without buying a poster, you get a silver key.  There is also a second and third place prize. 

To get the Posters and card at the release, come to the Boylan Brewpub on Boylan Ave. in Raleigh, NC.
at 7:27 pm on Tuesday March 20.

You can find the treasure maps at Ornamentea and the Third Place Cafe.
The puzzle usually takes weeks or months to solve, so jump in.

Past Winners
Winter Solstice December 21
The 2009 Fall Equinox Winners
Team SLX

October 1
The girl in the wood
If seen, would have a mess.
She's wearing just a tablecloth
Perhaps she needs a dress.
September 29
Team Lifepointe Finds the Silver Key!
Seven days, 8 hours

(I'll put the black keys out there, don't give up)
November 2
Team SLX finds the Silver Key!
6:22 pm: 40 days, 19 hours
November 3
July 6
The  Winners

July 16
Congratulations Team SLX
Place winners - 14 days 2 hours

July 23
2nd Place -Team Bob Loblaw
23 days
July 13
3rd Place Winners: Team Lifepointe
33 days

March 21, 2010
Winners Spring Equinox Puzzle: 18 hours
Team Clueless
Second Place
Team Lifepointe
Third Place: Team SLX 
The Key Finders Lisa Lewis, Pat Hall, Matt Casey, Helen Newton, Joy Taylor
Summer Solstice 2009

Sandra McEwen finds the key in 26 hours.  Congratulations!
October 14 Next Clue Here

The Treasure Map
The Prize
Equinox Pendant: Pure silver granulation and sparkly cz
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