Enamel Workshops:

These are my enamel workshops.

Enameling: The Forge & Fuse Technique

This is a two day workshop, with no pre-requisite.

In this class we will create a small pendant or a pair of earrings using fine silver and transparent Ninomya Leaded enamels. We will explore the use of the beehive kiln (ultralite kiln), to both fuse fine silver to form a base and rim, and melt the enamel onto the silver. We will texture the fine silver with roller printing, chasing and engraving, and create a forged and fused rim for the piece that takes the place of a bezel. Although this technique is limited to enamels no larger than 1.5 inches in diameter, it combines cloisonne, champleve, and basse taille to create brilliant sparkly confections. This scale is great for jewelry, and the small kiln is an easy and portable tool. You can carry your whole enameling workshop in a toolbox. We will also make our own tiny tool to apply the glass.

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