Below is my calendar page. You can see all the classes that I am offering and information about when and where I am offering them. Please contact me with any questions.

August 2013
The Double Hoopla Bracelet

August 30, 10am-5pm

This piece is a simple design of forged silver rings.We will use a technique called 'stick soldering' to join the links and forge them lightly for a sparkly relaxed everyday bracelet. This project can form the basis of lots of easy and profitable production jewelry. Photo courtesy of Ornamentea.

The Elaine Ray Ring

August 17,  10 am - 5 pm

This class cover quite a few techniques.First we will use a great bit of art made by local ceramic artist Elaine Ray to make the cabochon of a big bold and earthy ring design.The ring shank will be layered silver and copper, sized to your hand and stamped with steel stamping tools.We will learn about stone setting, ring sizing, soldering and stamping, all in one very busy afternoon.Bring your lunch and some Xanex. Image courtesy of

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Enamel: The Forge And Fuse Technique

August 10, 10am-6 pm


This is a class in Cloisonne and Fusing. We will use the best quality unleaded enamels, and a  kiln to make lovely small jewels.

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September 2013
The Chased Ring

September 13 - 10 am to 5 pm

In this class, we will make a classic lovely silver ring, chased with a vine pattern. You will learn how to make silver wire into sized rings, how to chase designs onto silver, and how to solder them together. This is a three layered band, and can be metals, and adapted for lots of other designs. The image is courtesy of Ornamentea.

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The Stamped Cuff

September 21, 10am - 5pm

Now you can play with all those tools you made, or use mine.  Or buy some.  Anyway, in this class we are going to stamp designs into sheets of brass or whatever, and bend them into cuffs.  Simple, satisfying, and good practice for learning to control your stamped patterns.  We may even tube rivet a bezel on a cuff, if you want. Photo courtesy of Ornamentea.

Making Steel Stamping Tools

September 13,  10am to 5pm


In this class, we will spend the day making small tool steel stamps to use in your work.  We will shape and file designs and learn to harden and temper w-1 tool steel.  I'll provide two pieces of steel and more will be available for purchase.   

October 2013
The Box Chain

October 18, 10am to 5 pm

In this class we will be making an elegant heavy woven chain of pure silver, with a focal bead. This is a good introduction to the fused link chains. You will learn to make jewelry with your Creme Brulee torch.

Hammered Silver Neckring

October 26, 10am to 5pm

This class in an introduction to forging.  We will begin with a neck ring, which is a good way to learn to control metal with a hammer, and move on to more complicated shapes.  Like throwing a pot, it is not as easy as it looks. We will discuss the importance of polished tools, learn to polish our hammers and blocks. This technique has very wide application. It is basically tiny blacksmithing. Email me for a tool and material list.

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